Retirement Medical

Letter from the Trust

Plan B is closing. Download the letter.

Welcome to your retirement

This section is designed to help you plan your retirement, estimate medical costs, wade through medical decisions and best practices and ultimately, have a healthy happy retirement. Be sure to check out all of the retirement benefits available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Retirement Medical

How do I know what retirement medical will cost?

We’ve designed a retirement medical calculator to help you estimate your monthly medical cost (pre-Medicare). Click here to use it for your planning.

Can I buy retirement medical through the Seattle Fire Fighters HealthCare trust?

Sort of. Plan B is currently offered to members who retire prior to January 1, 2022. However, the Trust Plan has fewer participants and is subject to higher cost increases. (Please read our letter about Plan B closing).  

We recommend you go with the City of Seattle Employee Medical Retiree option. They have larger groups of individuals in their plans which makes them financially stable (meaning your monthly costs are stable year over year).

See the City of Seattle’s Plans here:

What if I don't want to use a plan supplied by the Trust or the City of Seattle?

You can choose whatever option you want (your spouse’s plans, veteran plans or the open market), but be sure to choose a group plan. This keeps you eligible for the excellent SFFHCT Medicare Supplemental Plan and Part D Prescription plan via the Trust once you turn 65 years old. 

Your Lifetime Healthcare Coverage Journey

Below is a simplified version of the journey that most members will take throughout their lifetime with the Seattle Fire Fighters HealthCare Trust (SFFHCT). The journey starts as an active member, evaluating retirement readiness, and coverage during the “gap” years (typically 58 - 65 years old), and finally with Medicare and/or Medicare Supplemental programs.

Coverage Journey infographic