Our Mission

Local 27 Mission Statement

The objectives of this Local shall be the fostering and encouragement of a higher degree of skill and efficiency in the fire service, the cultivation of friendship and fellowship among its members; also the maintenance of proper remuneration for duty performed and the elevation and improvement of the moral, intellectual, social, economic, health, and safety conditions of its members. Religious beliefs of all sects and denominations shall be respected by this organization. No discussion advocating or attacking the creed, doctrines, or form of worship peculiar to anybody or believers shall be permitted at any Local activity.

The Local 27 Executive Board Mission Statement

The Local 27 Executive Board shall:
Represent Local 27 members with pride, honor, integrity, leadership, creativity, and vigor; and Adhere to the principles of trade unionism; and Encourage fairness, diversity of opinion, fraternity, and opportunity for participation for all members of Local 27; and Protect the reputation of Seattle Fire Fighters and Local 27.