Local 27 History

Local 27 Original Charter
Local 27 Original Charter

Seattle Fire Fighters — a 100-year tradition

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The Seattle Fire Department became a paid, professional department of 32 fire fighters in 1889, but it wasn’t until 1917 that the original City Fire Fighters Union No. 15462 was born. In 1918, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) was organized and the City Fire Fighters Union was admitted as Local 27, one of 218 charter locals.

In 1946, Local 27 successfully lowered fire fighters' working hours from 70 hours a week to a 48-hour schedule, adding over 200 fire fighters to the ranks. Fire fighters worked six days a week, rotating between three 8-hour shifts. In 1949, a revised 10-hour day shift with a 14-hour night shift was introduced. Our present day 24-hour schedule was negotiated in 1980.

Our first contract was negotiated in 1969 and since then we have renegotiated over 20 contracts.

Local 27 has represented Seattle Fire Fighters for 82 years, and in that time we have made significant improvements in wages, hours, and working conditions. These changes were due to the hard work and dedication of union officers and the solidarity and support of our members.