Political Endorsements

Seattle Fire Fighters—a 100 year-old tradition

Local 27 has a rich and proud history with the city of Seattle. Read about our original charter and how we were first organized.

Original charter
Our Original Charter

Seattle’s Public Safety is our Top Priority!

Local 27 Political Engagement

The purpose of Local 27’s political engagement is to support public safety and to maintain and improve the health, safety, and security of fire fighters.

Our Political Action Committee (PAC) evaluates and recommends specific candidates or ballot measures for endorsement to the General Membership of Local 27.

Local 27’s top priority is keeping the men and women of the Seattle Fire Department safe. For that reason, we have been extremely involved in the electoral process for decades – supporting candidates for office at the local and state level who have demonstrated that they will make public safety and our fire fighters a top priority in their administration.

The Seattle Fire Fighters PAC is Non-Partisan and does not recommend candidates based on party affiliation, Democrat or Republican. We selectively support candidates and elected officials that share our priorities, support fire fighter issues, and/or may have a beneficial effect in maintaining and improving public safety and the health, safety, and security of fire fighters.

Candidates for Office

Seattle Fire Fighters appreciate and commend individuals who choose to run for elected office to serve the community. Fire fighters value service to others and as public servants we recognize the commitment and sacrifice that accompanies such a choice.

Seattle Fire Fighters Union, IAFF Local 27 provides candidate questionnaires for those seeking office that identify the issues most important to fire fighters in order to understand each candidate’s perspective on them.

Please contact (206) 285-1271 or [email protected] to learn more about our endorsement process.

Line of Fire Fighters

Hire More

Seattle Needs More Fire Fighters

Over the past 40-years, Seattle’s population has grown 50%, but the number of fire fighters has stayed stagnant. As emergency calls for service continue to rise, we need more fire fighters and paramedics to care for our City.

red fire truck at night spraying water

Upgrade Our Tools

Seattle Needs Better Equipment

With an aging fleet of trucks, engines, ambulances, and other emergency response vehicles, the Seattle Fire Department needs to replace outdated rigs that are no longer reliable in critical situations. Seattle Fire Fighters are constantly on the move and we need to have a modern fleet that can keep up with the demand.

firefighter with kids

It's For You

Seattle Fire for Seattle Families

In 2018, Seattle Fire Fighters responded to nearly 150,000 emergency calls for service – the most ever in the history of our department. Our Fire Fighters are on the front lines of all emergency calls, including the growing mental health and homeless issues impacting our City.